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We have made this simple form for you to email us. You may write to us about selling or buying an organ or specific questions about any of our products. Be precise. We can only make an offer after specific questions are answered so inquire.

WE LOVE EMAIL Email gives us the chance to take the time when we have the time set aside to answer your questions thoughtfully. However, Please think about what you are writing. Be Precise. Include details, serial numbers, etc. when you can. In order to send us photos you will first have to email us using this form, we will reply and you can attach photos at that point and send them to us.

At this time we are purchasing only Models C3, B3, D-152, RT-3, A-100, D-155, C2, B2. If you have any other model you desire to sell, Place a classified at

Our Main Phone: 713-271-1244 or Send this EMAIL to us for fastest service! Email Here for order inquiries, etc.

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PLEASE! Make sure your email address is correct and complete. If it isn't then we can't answer your email. You would be surprised at how many people get this wrong. Also if using AOL, make sure your EMAIL is turned on! Several times a day we get email from AOLers who have their mail turned off. How frustrating to take the time to write a lengthy reply only to have it bounce. AOL users seem to have the most problems.